Illegal employment website collects data from minors

Illegal website for recruitment of minor children was revealed in a joint investigation of bTV media group and Fight with the Organised Crime Directorate.

During the investigation an online platform that has collected data on over 2 500 children, possible victims of sexual exploitation, has been discovered. 

The Authorities in our country cannot remove the website because it is registered in the Netherlands and is held by a Russian. However, everything indicates that it is orientated towards Bulgarian users. The Police Service of the Netherlands has already been informed of the case by Interpol.

According to the Bulgarian expert Lubomir Tulev danger lies in the possibility for children to publish personal information on themselves. Communication link between the child, that could turn out to be a victim, and a possible employer, that could turn out to be a sex offender, is easy to be established. In this situation, a child would agree to a meet a stranger without much precaution.

State Agency for Child Protection has also been informed about the case.